What we buy

J&B Metals buys just about everything. If it’s made of metal and we can recycle it then we want it! The great news for you is that not only will you be helping the environment but most scrap metal is worth something and J&B Metals will pay you well for it. We have often had customers who were just looking to free up space around their premises walk away with hundreds and thousands of dollars after using J&B Metals services. Examples of the types of scrap we buy are listed and shown in the photos below. If you have something that you feel can be recycled don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or by phone.     


  • All types of heavy steel including plate, post, chain and beams
  • All types of light steel including strapping, signage, sheets and mesh
  • All types of redundant or worn plant and equipment including excavators, trucks and dozers
  • All types of brass including machinery bushes and valves
  • All types of aluminium including domestic and commercial products
  • All types of stainless steel both clean and dirty
  • Ground engaging tools (GET)
  • Copper electrical cable
  • Copper pipe and bar
  • Cars


This is just a short list of the types of scrap that J&B Metals accepts. If what you have is not on our list please don’t hesitate to contact us. For the thirty seconds it takes to email us, you could be walking away with thousands of dollars!


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