Weighbridge & scrap yard

Conveniently located in the centre of the Mt Thorley industrial estate at 64 Piercefield road is J&B Metals scrap yard. Complete with weighbridge, offices and a warehouse the site is over 4000 square metres. J&B Metals yard accepts all forms of deliveries including utes, box trailers, semi-trailers, floats and b-doubles. With two 30 tonne excavators complete with magnets, a 5 tonne forklift for small deliveries and a 16 tonne forklift for large items, we will have you in and out in no time. With turnaround times of 10 minutes or less, we are convenient option to larger scrap yards where waiting times are often between 1-5 hours. 


Our certified weighbridge is operational Monday to Friday 6am to 4pm with an after hours service available. Not only is the weighbridge used for weighing our valued customers scrap but we also facilitate weigh dockets for RTA purposes. The weighbridge measures in 20kg increments up to 60 tonnes. Its length and location ensures easy access for any size vehicle. The bridge is regularly serviced by Newcastle Weighing Services and is randomly inspected by the National Measurement Institute. Platform scales are also available for weighing smaller items such as copper and brass. These scales measure in 1kg increments and are also regularly serviced by Newcastle Weighing Services. We invite you to come and visit our friendly team anytime, no appointment necessary!

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