Mobile excavator & shear

J&B Metals boast an impressive fleet of equipment to ensure we can handle any obstacles that may occur when trying to remove scrap metal safely. Apart of the J&B Metals fleet is a CAT 25 tonne excavator with magnet and bucket attachments. Also a 32 tonne Hyundai excavator complete with grapple, magnet and shear attachments ensures that no job is beyond our capabilities. These machines are effective tools for completing site clean ups and special projects such as the dismantling and removal of truck bodies, transmission towers and other heavy machinery. This service has been used in the past at the Mt Arthur, Drayton, Ashton, Mt Owen, Integra and Mangoola mine sites with great success. Our excavators meet all mine specifications and have been assessed to meet MDG-15 compliance.


J&B Metals shear attachment is a very unique tool which offers unparelled advantages in safely cutting up and removing scrap metal. Our shear can safely slice its way through metal up to 15mm thick in a matter of seconds. The speed in which it can turn large steel structures into a pile of scrap ready to be loaded out is simply impressive. The shear makes possible the dismemberment of steel items without the safety concerns involved with oxy cutting or the use of hand tools. 

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