Bin collections

J&B Metals offers a bin collection service to remove all waste scrap metal from site. Bins are provided free of charge and you are paid top dollar for every tonne of scrap that we take away. We stock a variety of 10cm3, 6cm3, 4cm3 and 3cm3 bins to meet the requirements of our customers. Bins can be used for one off site clean ups or permanently placed onsite to collect the ongoing scrap metal produced at your premises. No assistance is required from the client in collecting and replacing the full scrap metal bins. J&B Metals operates a murrell truck capable of lifting bins up to 12 tonne. J&B Metals will supply as many bins as required to service the client. Additional bins required for clean-ups, machine maintenance and shutdowns will be provided upon request. J&B Metals operates the most efficient and reliable bin service in NSW and guarantees the collection and replacement of full bins as well as the delivery of additional bins within 24 hours.

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