J&B Metals is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace that is enjoyed not only by its employees but all stakeholders. J&B Metals is a family business and all employees and stakeholders are considered to be a part of the J&B Metals family. J&B Metals holds the safety of its family as its highest priority. We believe:

  • Health, safety and protection of the environment is our highest priority and this will not be compromised
  • The occurrence of injuries can be completely eliminated through safe work practices
  • All our employees have the skills and qualifications to safely undertake their roles and are appropriately educated and trained in health, safety and protection of the environment
  • All systems, operation and safety procedures will comply with the work environment and proactively reduce injuries and safety incidents

J&B Metals has invested significant time and resources into creating and actively reviewing all aspects of its safety management system including

  • Safety management plan
  • Safe work procedures
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe work method statements
  • Take 5s
  • Environmental impact assessments

Our hard work and commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace is reflected by recording 0 LTI’s in the past 2772 days. J&B Metals has never had a recorded injury, environment or safety incident while conducting its services onsite. J&B Metals will comply with all safety & environmental requirements required by the client.

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