How much is my scrap metal worth
The value of your scrap metal will depend on four main factors.

1.The current market value based on international trading price
2.The grade of your scrap metal e.g. heavy or light gauge
quantity of scrap
4.The location of your scrap metal

How do I receive my money?
J&B Metals pay by electronic funds transfer. Payment terms will depend on the agreement made with your J&B Metals representative these are generally between 7 and 30 days.

I have a 600 tonne excavator that needs to be cut up and removed from site will I receive any money for it?
J&B Metals will send out our company representative to inspect and quote on the job. You will receive a detailed quote that shows the scope of work to be completed as well as a tonne rate or if payment is required to complete the work.

My workshop and yard are a mess can J&B Metals clean it up?
We certainly can, site clean ups are J&B Metals specialty! Our dedicated team of scrap professionals combined with our impressive fleet of equipment will ensure that your workspace is left spotless in no time at all. Our 16T forklift will do all the heavy lifting and our excavators complete with magnets will ensure not a single bolt or nut is left on the ground. J&B Metals team of qualified and highly experienced oxy cutters can tackle those bigger items which are just too large to lift. The best part is that after we do all the hard work............you get paid for the scrap!     

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